A Postcard for every month of the year plus a Promotion up your sleeve.

A baker’s dozen custom made for you!

We’ll load an entire year’s worth of editable email postcards into your Constant Contact account right now. You’ll get thirteen custom created email campaigns, all personalized and customized with your business identity. All you have to do is edit them to include your special offers, promotions or incentives and schedule them to go out whenever you want, as often as you want.

There’s nothing more effective at reaching your hardest to get to clients and prospects than your very own email postcards sent straight to their in-box every month. TAILORSOURCE makes the whole process easy.

These email postcards are the ideal companion piece to your monthly email newsletter. We recommend emailing one of these e-postcards each month on an alternating rotation with your email newsletter. For example, email a postcard at the beginning of each month and the newsletter in the middle of the month.

Further, when you buy our email postcards, we will give you $100 off an annual e-newsletter campaign package.

We are committed to providing you the latest marketing tools and as always, outstanding personal service. Please contact us about our new email postcard campaign special offer.

Best of all, we provide this service for $599, in two easy payments of $299.50

To get started, contact us now at: (208) 344-7848 or contact us.