Who We Are

Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist fellow clothiers and tailors with everything you need for a successful clothing business. By providing turnkey products and services at reasonable prices we help clothiers do what they do best–sell clothes.

What We Do:

Beyond the basics of hangers, clothing labels and measuring tools, TAILORSOURCE specializes in the strategic planning, ongoing development and continued growth of your custom clothing businesses.

As clothiers ourselves, with more than two decades of experience in retailing, direct selling, manufacturing and marketing, we bring a wealth of experience to your table. What does that mean for you? It means you can significantly cut down on your learning curve and ramp up for success much faster. It means profitability is much closer with a much higher pay-off for you. You’ll avoid the pit falls and mistakes, focus specifically on your target and accomplish what you set out to achieve with greater ease, skill and proficiency.

Simply put, we can help you with everything you need for a successful clothing business. Contact us today, without delay.

From J. Kent Erickson, Owner

Perhaps my greatest satisfaction comes from sharing ideas with fellow clothiers. For nearly two decades now I’ve been fortunate to be able to participate in great exchanges of creativity and information nearly every day with novice and veteran clothiers alike throughout America, Canada and Europe.

Whether you are just contemplating launching your own custom clothing business or you’ve been at the game for some time and just want to sharpen your focus and increase your rewards we can help you.

Our successful journey into the clothing business began more than twenty years ago. We’ve operated a tremendous retail and direct sales business, become recognized in the industry for publishing industry newsletters and direct mail marketing services. I’ve served for a period of time on the board of directors of the prestigious Custom Tailors and Designers Association and have been fortunate to work both sides of the fence with experience in both retailing and manufacturing.

We’ve been training, teaching and personally coaching individuals and companies to greater success for two decades. It would be my privilege to assist in your success Please contact me today.


J. Kent Erickson

TAILORSOURCE, Inc. President and Coach

Master Custom Designer

Certified Custom Clothier & Wardrobe Consultant