The Tie Taxi

Organize and display your ties in style with our elegant Tie Taxi©—the premier choice for efficient travel and elegant presentation. Made of durable Cordura nylon. Closes with two-way heavy-duty zippers.

The Tie Taxi© is the Fastest Way to Get Your Ties from Here to Sold!

The Tie Taxi© is custom made for direct sellers of custom clothing to carry neckties and accessories. Designed by a custom clothier especially for custom clothiers it is simply the best way to carry and sell ties!

The Tie Taxi© is made of black Cordura nylon, which is heavy-duty luggage material. The Tie Taxi measures approximately 35" long and 13" high. It has double wrap handles for comfortable carrying. It features heavy-duty double zippers for easy access. Convenient ID window pocket on the outside of the Tie Taxi to hold your business cards.

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