Personalized Clothing Labels

Personalized clothing labels make your custom clothing unique. Make your clients feel great about their custom clothing with personalized name labels just for them.

*Please note that labels are embroidered and sent First Class mail from our custom embroidery house in Toronto, Canada.  Please allow approximately 14-21 days for delivery.  

Label Measures 3 1/4" unfolded.  When folded and sewn it measures approximately 3" x 1 3/4"

Our personalized suit labels are:

  1. Elegant White Embroidery on Black Satin Labels.
  2. Fast accurate service.
  3. Mailed directly to your door.
  4. Distinguish your brand from the competition.
  5. Convenient for adding distinction and identity to ready made clothing.
  6. Labels can be ordered with your client name only or with your client’s name and your business name.

We offer four options for personalized labels.

  1. Label with Customer Name Only in Script Font
  2. Label with Customer and Company Name in Script Font
  3. Label with Customer Name Only in Block Font
  4. Label with Customer and Company Name in Block Font

Woven labels with your custom clothing business name and logo are synonymous with fine tailored clothing. Seeing your label in tailored suits, sport jackets and trousers speaks volumes to your clients about your professionalism, quality and style. Everyone loves to see their name on the label!


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