Measurement Mastery Weekend

"I feel as if I shaved years off the learning curve to be successful at measuring correctly. I would recommend this course to the beginner and the seasoned veteran." 

- R.H.

"I was extremely satisfied with Kent's measurement training. I was impressed with Kent's thorough knowledge of the entire process. His years on the manufacturing side of the business add a point of view that is invaluable! He truly is an expert and helped me to understand the "big picture," and not just how to place a tape measure on someone. I would highly recommend Kent's services to anyone that is considering using them. His training has paid for itself multiple times over."

- P.M.

Measurement Mastery Weekend

Measurement Mastery Weekends are 2-day action packed workshops for custom clothiers, direct sellers and retailers—both novice and veteran professionals who are serious about mastering the measurement process. 

Tuition Includes:

  1. Comprehensive TAILORSOURCE exclusive Wardrobe Worksheet System©- Business Builder Wardrobe Forms Package ($695.00 value)
  2. Alterations Ticket/Pattern Correction Notice Template© ($69.95 value)
  3. Illustrated Guide to Standard Alteration Markings© ($49.95 value)
  4. Women’s Wardrobe Module© ($199.95 value)
  5. Training Reference Manual
  6. Lunches during the event
  7. 120 minutes of follow-up personal coaching calls ($400 value)

Learn How To:

  1. Identify normal proportioned customers
  2. Identify bodies outside usual proportions
  3. Provide consistent measuring to build customer confidence
  4. Seamlessly sell your services while measuring
  5. Properly assess and document postures
  6. Provide a high level of personalized service to your clients through proper measuring, model selection and understanding patterns
  7. Serve as the "Go-To" Clothing expert in your market
  8. Minimize alterations and expense by making it right the first time

 "I definitely feel more confident about going out to meet with clients."

"By far, the best measurement training I have ever received."

"Now I am confident that I am taking measures accurately and professionally."

"I took part in Kent's Style University Measuring course, it was one of the most thorough and extensive training I’ve ever attended. Everyone could learn something from the training."


"The training I received helped reinforce the things I already knew and provided understanding for things that I have read."

- S.F

"I cannot express to you my overall satisfaction."


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Tuition for the Measurement Mastery Weekend course is $1,995.  It is the most extensive and comprehensive measurement training in the industry.  
Tuition includes:
+ TAILORSOURCE exclusive Wardrobe Worksheet System-Business Builder Wardrobe Forms Package ($695.00 value)
+ Alterations Ticket/Pattern Correction Notice Template ($69.95 value)
+ Illustrated Guide to Standard Alteration Markings ($49.95 value)
+ Women's Wardrobe Module ($199.95 value)
+ Training Reference Manual
+ Lunches during the event
+ 120 minutes of follow-up personal coaching calls ($400.00 value)