Wardrobe Worksheet System

Use the complete Wardrobe Worksheet System© for comprehensive client account records, pre-sale planning, and measurements. Includes the six forms that are essential for custom clothiers: Wardrobe Worksheet©, Wardrobe Measurement Chart©, Wardrobe Registry©, Wardrobe Acquisition Plan©, Wardrobe Inventory©, and Wardrobe Analysis©.

Six essential forms for custom clothiers:

  1. Wardrobe Worksheet©
  2. Wardrobe Measurement Chart©
  3. Wardrobe Registry©
  4. Wardrobe Acquisition Plan©
  5. Wardrobe Inventory©
  6. Wardrobe Analysis©

Tailorsource’s exclusive Wardrobe Business Forms package has everything you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to working with your clients. Our professional package includes the six essential business tools every successful clothier should have.

The Wardrobe Worksheet© is designed for logging every critical detail pertaining to each order to make order writing quick and easy when you’re with your client.

The Wardrobe Measurement Chart© is designed to provide you with a systematic method of recording measurements promptly, consistently and accurately.

The Wardrobe Registry© is a professional swatch record of your client’s every purchase. Designed with a place for clothing, shirt and accessories swatches as well as date of purchase, cloth number, etc. A great reference-at-a-glance to avoid duplication and make recommendations for additional purchases as well as additional accessory sales and coordination.

The Wardrobe Acquisition Plan© is designed for the ideal sales presentation. Perfect for strategic wardrobe planning in deciding and prioritizing future purchases.

The Wardrobe Inventory© chart provides a snapshot record of existing components in your client’s wardrobe. Knowing what your client now has, including the styles, weights, and present condition of each item, allows you to professionally plan for and recommend specific new items as well as monitor soon to be replaced items.

The Wardrobe Analysis© gives you the right tool to prompt you to ask the right questions to get all the information you need to make the sale. It captures key lifestyle components, and helps you identify your clients’ specific wardrobe preferences, wants and needs.

From writing orders and logging every critical detail, with a systematic method of recording measurements, maintaining a swatch record of every purchase, to a snap-shot record of existing wardrobe components, analysis of present and future needs, and planning future purchases, these business builder forms are the perfect tools to guide your clients and sales associates through a professional process to sell more custom clothing and service your clients for years to come.

Can be printed double sided on card stock for a professional presentation. These three cards, a total of six handy forms are essential in every client file.

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