Should I bring other members of my team to the Measurement Mastery Weekend Workshop?

A: Yes! Definitely!  Many of our participants choose to bring team members to the Measurement Mastery Weekend workshop.  Bringing team members helps with immediate implementation.  Everyone leaves the Measurement Mastery Workshop on the same page and excited about raising their game and perfecting their skills.  Your whole team will be talking the same language of successful, confident measuring.  Some clothiers fly us in to conduct a workshop for every new hire.   It's less expensive per person with more people registering together.  Ask us about group discounts.

Would a veteran clothing professional get anything out of this workshop?

A: Absolutely!  Positively!  We typically have clothing professionals in attendance with all levels of experience.  As long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn, even the veteran clothing professional will walk away with a greater understanding of the principles and best practices that equate to measurement mastery.  Harry Truman once said, "Its what you learn after you know it all that counts."

What should I wear to the Measurement Mastery Weekend Workshop?

A: Business attire is recommended.  As custom clothiers we believe in advertising our services wherever we go.  Professional business attire is requisite in our club!

What's included in the cost of the Measurement Mastery Weekend?

A: The tuition price of the Measurement Mastery Weekend includes entrance into the workshop, a training reference manual and the comprehensive TailorSource exclusive Business Forms package, and lunches during the event.  It also includes 120 minutes of follow-up personal coaching calls.  The value of this material exceeds $1,400.  TailorSource's exclusive Business Forms package has everything you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to working with your clients.  Our professional package includes the six essential business tools every successful clothier should have.

Should I wait to attend Measurement Mastery?

A: We highly recommend that you attend a Measurement Mastery Weekend at your earliest opportunity.  This workshop can have immediate effects on your ability to attract, service and retain clients in the most professional manner through proper fitting.  Don't wait.  Get your professional training as soon as possible.  The poet Robert Anthony once wrote, "Waiting is a trap.  There will always be reasons to wait.  The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don't count."

Is airfare and lodging included in the price of the Measurement Mastery Weekend?

A: The price does not include airfare or lodging.  However, we do work with the hotel to provide our participants with the lowest possible rates.  Lunches are included.

What is the cost for Measurement Mastery Weekend?

A: Tuition for the Measurement Mastery Weekend course is $1,995.  It is the most extensive and comprehensive measurement training in the industry.  
Tuition includes:
+ TAILORSOURCE exclusive Wardrobe Worksheet System-Business Builder Wardrobe Forms Package ($695.00 value)
+ Alterations Ticket/Pattern Correction Notice Template ($69.95 value)
+ Illustrated Guide to Standard Alteration Markings ($49.95 value)
+ Women's Wardrobe Module ($199.95 value)
+ Training Reference Manual
+ Lunches during the event
+ 120 minutes of follow-up personal coaching calls ($400.00 value)

Where are Measurement Mastery Weekends held?

A: The Measurement Mastery Weekend is held in Boise, Idaho, usually at the Grove Hotel.  Frequently, if a number of people will be attending the course, clients prefer that we come to their location and travel expenses will be added in those cases.

What measuring tools are available?

There are a number of measuring system on the market or under development today; Perkins Tailoring Instruments, Clothing Science, Sartorial Instruments & Technology, [TC]², as well as Try-On garments for retailers with stores, and the old fashioned tape measure. Continue Reading →

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What's the advantage of a measuring system?

There are many advantages to using a measuring system. Among them are a consistent method of taking measurements, a convenient method of communicating those measurements to your manufacturer Continue Reading →

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