What measuring tools are available?

There are a number of measuring system on the market or under development today; Perkins Tailoring Instruments, Clothing Science, Sartorial Instruments & Technology, [TC]², as well as Try-On garments for retailers with stores, and the old fashioned tape measure. Some are manual instrument systems, some are computer technology driven, and others involve a combination of manual measurements and computer analysis and pattern creation. The most prevalent system today, used in conjunction with progressive clothing manufacturers is the Perkins Tailoring Instruments system.

While the most progressive manufacturers, particularly those who utilize modern CAD systems for pattern creation and cutting, recognize and encourage measuring systems like Perkins Tailoring Instruments, there are Old-World tailoring houses that rely on old-fashioned traditional methods of measuring. For such Old-World tailoring houses three essential components of good measuring are a tape measure, a good eye, and a digital camera.

There are many advantages to using a measuring system. Among them are a consistent method of taking measurements, a convenient method of communicating those measurements to your manufacturer, the opportunity for you and your manufacturer to quantify and deal in specifics numerical language, all means to an end result of better fit, fewer alterations and more profitability.

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